The Lamar Building, together with its sister building, The SunTrust Building which is located just a short distance down Broad Street (, is owned by RDC Properties, LLC, an affiliate of The Rainsford Development Corporation, based in Edgefield, South Carolina.  Founded in 1977, The Rainsford Development Corporation has served as the umbrella organization for the entrepreneurial activities of Bettis C. Rainsford.


Bettis C. Rainsford, a native of Edgefield, South Carolina, was educated in the public schools of Edgefield County, at Harvard College and at the University of South Carolina School of Law.  For more than thirty years he has been engaged in various business ventures, including real estate development, nursing homes, alternative energy development, newspapers, textile and apparel manufacturing, office supply distribution, fitness equipment manufacturing, restaurants, golf course operations, and motels.


His most significant business achievement was that he was the co-founder and longtime Chief Financial Officer of Delta Woodside Industries, Inc., a publicly-held company principally involved in manufacturing textile and apparel products, which was a one-time member of the Fortune 500.  At its height Delta Woodside had annual revenue of $700 million and net annual income of $40 million.  In its April 17, 1989 issue, Forbes magazine published a feature article chronicling the success of Delta Woodside and Mr. Rainsford.


In recent years, Mr. Rainsford has devoted an increasing amount of time to the development of Mount Vintage Plantation, a 5,000 acre golf and retirement community in South Carolina 12 miles north of Augusta of which he is the founder and co-owner  As of 2009, more than 550 lots have been sold in this Plantation and over 225 homes, averaging nearly $500,000 each, have been constructed.  Mount Vintage Plantation has now been firmly established as one of the premier retirement communities in the Southeast and continues to attract retirees from across the nation.


Mr. Rainsford has been actively involved in the revitalization of Downtown Augusta, Georgia since 1978 when he purchased and restored his first property here.  He has participated in the acquisition and redevelopment of a number of commercial and residential buildings in Downtown Augusta in addition to The Lamar and SunTrust Buildings.


Mr. Rainsford has also long been interested in economic development in South Carolina.  He has served as Chairman of the Economic Development Committee for Edgefield County since 1997 and was previously Vice Chairman of the Partnership for Economic Development for Aiken and Edgefield Counties.  For nearly ten years he served as Chairman of the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor.


Mr. Rainsford’s awards have included the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for South Carolina, a Doctorate of Business Administration (Honorary) from the University of South Carolina, the Edgefield County Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Award, and the Corporate Officer of the Year Award from the Business Journal of the CSRA.


Mr. Rainsford’s principal hobby for many years has been the study of the history of South Carolina.  In 2004 and 2005 he served as President of the South Carolina Historical Society and, for more than a decade, he has led a weekly class on the history of Edgefield County.


In addition to Mr. Rainsford, the RDC Properties team includes the following persons:


                                  Rebecca Polson
Bettis C. Rainsford, Jr. serves as Director of Marketing and Leasing for RDC Properties.  A 2009 graduate of the University of South Carolina, the younger Mr. Rainsford majored in political science with a minor in business administration.  He has been involved in the affairs of RDC Properties for several years.  His contact information is as follows:
office phone: 803-637-5304
cell phone: 803-384-0166.
Rebecca Polson Edmundson serves as Director of Property Management of RDC Properties.  Mrs. Edmundson is located in the management office of RDC Properties on the 5th Floor of the Lamar Building, Suite 505.  She is a certified property manager.  She was previously employed by Newman Technologies as human resources associate.  Her contact information is as follows:
office phone: 706-722-8800     
cell phone: 706-993-0464.

             John Coffey                    Robert
John Coffey is the Director of Maintenance of RDC Properties.  He has served in this role with RDC Properties since 2006.  Prior to that time he was employed by the Avondale/Graniteville Companies in their maintenance department for more than twenty-seven years.  Mr. Coffey has wide experience in maintenance and knows The Lamar Building extremely well.  His contact information is as follows:
cell phone: 706-836-4998.
Robert Turner is Concierge for RDC Properties.  He has served in this role since 2004, not only assisting with maintenance and janitorial functions, but also overseeing security of the buildings and assisting tenants as needed.  His contact information is as follows: 
cell phone: 706-825-3163.

Wanda Watkins is Janitorial Supervisor for RDC Properties.  She has served in that role since 2008.  Her contact information is as follows: cell phone: 706-564-6228